Mississippi Turkey Season Now Open

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The 2011 Spring turkey season for all hunters began March 12th and closes May 1st.

Bag limits are 1 adult gobbler or gobbler with a 6 inch or longer beard per day, not to exceed 3 per season.  An adult gobbler is defined as a gobbler with at least one of the following characteristics: (1) a tail fan that has an unbroken, rounded contour to the outer perimeter of the tail feathers, (2) spurs at least ½ inch long, or (3) a beard at least 6 inches long. Additionally, for Youth hunters, one of the 3-bird bag limit (which includes the youth season and regular season combined) may be any gobbler regardless of beard length.

The Spring season is closed in the following counties or parts thereof:

  • Coahoma – West of Hwy 61, east of Hwy 1, north of Eagles Nest-Friars Point Rd.,& and south of Coahoma-Friars Point Rd.
  • Leflore – West of Hwy 7 and Hwy 49E, and North of Moorehead Rd. and South of Hwy 442.
  • Quitman – entire county.
  • Sunflower – South of Hwy 422 and East of Hwy 3 and Hwy 49W, and North of Berclair Rd.

Officials with MDWFP report that Mississippi sportsmen should anticipate turkey hunting success during the 2011 season to be slightly lower than what they experienced in 2010. "Two-year old birds make or break the season for most hunters, and brood data from 2009 and jake observation data from 2010 both suggest that numbers of two-year old gobblers currently in the population are a little lower than they were last year", says MDWFP Wild Turkey Program biologist Adam Butler. Hunters should also expect populations to vary by region, with this year's hotspots being found in the East-Central and Southwestern portions of the state.

For complete information on license requirements and hunting regulations, visit the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks web site at www.mdwfp.com or refer to the “Mississippi Outdoor Digest” available where you buy your hunting and fishing license.


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For the most part it sounds

For the most part it sounds like Mississippi has a booming turkey population. You can take three in one season. Since I can only get one if I'm lucky it sounds like they have a lot more to chase around. And what an early opener, they've already been chasing them around for a week now and ours doesn't even open for three more.