Minnesota Hunting News

Moose Season Application Deadline
The application deadline for the 2002 Minnesota moose hunt is Friday, June 14. Applications may be made from any of the 1,800 statewide Electronic Licensing System vendors and from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) License Center at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul.
Hunters Honored
Mutual respect and generosity are underlying themes in the stories of those who won the 2001 Deer Hunter's Ethics Award. Honors for exhibiting the highest standard of hunting ethics went to Barb Hanson of Baudette in the adult award category, and to youth winners Greg Graham and Billy Wentzlaff of Henderson and James Borgardt of Belle Plaine. The awards ceremony was held April 27 in Blue Earth in conjunction with the Minnesota Deer Hunter's Association (MDHA) annual State Habitat Banquet.
Bear Hunting Applications
Applications for the 2002 Minnesota black bear hunting season are now being accepted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) through Friday, May 3. This year's season will offer 20,610 licenses, available in 11 permit areas, and will run from Sept. 1 through Oct. 13. Applications, which can be made through the Electronic Licensing System (ELS), are available from 1,750 ELS agents throughout the state and the DNR License Center at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul. Applications can also be made by calling 1-888-MNLicense or through the internet at www.dnr.state.mn.us. Nonresident applicants can mail in their applications, but are encouraged to use the phone or internet.
Wall of Shame
In an effort to draw attention to the impact of poaching, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has developed a "Wall of Shame" display of various wildlife mounts that were confiscated as a result of arrests for violations of Minnesota Game Laws. The Wall of Shame is modeled after a Wall of Shame that has made a strong impression on visitors to the Northern Wisconsin Deer Classic and Sports Show in Eau Claire.
2001 Moose Harvest Results
State and tribal hunters harvested a total of 186 moose in northeastern Minnesota during the 2001 fall season. State licensed hunters killed 125 moose. Fond du Lac Band licensed hunters killed 38 moose, and 1854 Authority licensed hunters (Grand Portage and Bois Forte Bands) killed 23 moose. Moose hunting in Minnesota is limited to residents only, by permit. Beginning with the 1991 season, moose hunting has been a once in a lifetime opportunity in Minnesota.
Deer Hunter Survey Results
The results of a much anticipated statewide deer hunter survey have been received by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Last June the DNR contracted with Responsive Management of Harrisonburg, Va., to conduct a scientifically valid survey of resident Minnesota deer hunters to assess their opinions and attitudes about issues pertaining to deer management. You can download the full report here.
Firearms Deer Harvest Third Highest on Record
Despite the unusually warm weather that dominated this year's deer season, the 2001 firearms deer harvest was the third highest on record, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Hunters harvested 200,100 deer statewide, an increase of 8,500 deer (4 percent) compared with the very successful 2000 season. This year's firearms deer harvest total is exceeded only by harvests in 1991 when 206,275 deer were taken and 1992 when 229,236 deer were taken during the firearms season.
Dispelling Myths About Hunting
If you don't hunt, you might wonder what's so appealing about this activity. Why, for example, would anyone sit for hours in a chilly duck blind? Or trudge mile after mile through soggy cattail sloughs? And what's the thrill in trying to kill an animal, anyway? If hunters want to be outdoors and see animals, can't they just watch wildlife without shooting them?
Deer Hunters Cautioned to Avoid Diseased Deer
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has re-released a September 5, 2001 news article cautioning hunters to be alert to signs of anthrax in their harvested deer. If hunters happen upon a dead or harvested deer that has a swollen neck, open sores/lessions, or bleeding from the nose/anus they should leave the carcass and report the location to the DNR. Given the recent anthrax events across the U.S. it is important to note that occasional anthrax outbreaks in deer populations are normal.
Surplus Black Bear Licenses Available
Beginning at noon on Aug. 6, bear hunter applicants who did not receive authorization to purchase a 2001 bear license for a specific permit area can purchase a surplus bear license in four under-subscribed permit areas. These extra or surplus licenses are available on a first-come, first-served basis at any of the 1,700 statewide Electronic Licensing System point-of-sale vendors or the Department of Natural Resource (DNR) License Center at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul.