Minnesota Leftover Deer Permits Available

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Successful applicants for both lottery deer areas and special hunts were notified this week via postcard. Hunters can check results on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Web site at www.dnr.state.mn.us/licenses/lotteries/antlerless.html. Hunters who were unsuccessful in the lottery will be awarded a preference for next year.

For 2007, leftover either-sex permits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 15. To pick up a permit, a hunter must have a license valid for that zone and area or purchase one at the time. There is no additional cost for the permit.

An individual can only have one permit, which is valid for that area only. The permit will allow an individual to take one antlerless deer in that deer area only. As illustrated in the 2007 hunting regulations handbook, the bag limit for lottery deer areas is one deer. This permit simply authorizes a person to take an antlerless deer during the firearm season.

All-season license holders who obtain an either-sex permit may use that permit during either the firearm or muzzleloader season. Either-sex permits are available for the following deer areas:

Area Permits Available

  • 116 390
  • 199 10
  • 4A 412 505
  • 4A 452 501
  • 4A 455 7
  • 4A 456 93
  • 4B 412 820
  • 4B 420 58
  • 4B 452 510
  • 4B 455 14
  • 4B 456 168
  • 4B 463 34

Hunters younger than 18 do not need a permit as they can take an either-sex deer without applying. In lottery areas, it is illegal to take antlerless deer for youth hunters. In lottery deer areas, all-season and regular firearm license holders who intend to take an antlerless deer during either the firearm or muzzleloader season must possess an either-sex permit; otherwise, they are restricted to hunting bucks.