Minnesota: CWD Testing Applies to Youth Deer Season; One Zumbrota Test Station Closes

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The youth deer season opens throughout southeastern Minnesota Thursday, Oct. 20, and there are mandatory testing requirements for hunters in deer area 602, the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management zone, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Successful youth hunters in deer area 602 are encouraged to register their deer at the Greenway Cooperative in Pine Island so DNR staff can collect a tissue sample for CWD surveillance.

This will be the only registration station that DNR will staff for CWD sample collection during the four-day youth season, which concludes Sunday, Oct. 23. The station will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday through Sunday.

Bow hunters, who may be in the field at the same time, should be aware that deer taken on an archery license in deer area 602 only can be registered at the following locations:

  • Neptune Bar and Grill in Zumbro Falls.
  • Archery Headquarters in Rochester.
  • Hardware Hank in Kasson.
  • The Greenway Coop in Pine Island.

The registration station at Pellicci Hardware in Zumbrota has been closed for all deer seasons.

Read more about registration, sample submission, and carcass requirements.
Hunters are strongly encouraged to monitor this site as new information is added as it becomes available.


Retired2hunt's picture

  This is an unfortunate but


This is an unfortunate but very valuable part of hunting to teach to our new youth hunters - whether successful or not.  CWD is most likely not going away so teaching what is necessary for the handling of these animals is important for future hunting generations.

While I have yet to experience CWD I have definitely done my homework to allow me to recognize and handle my animals.

Good for Minnesota in ensuring the youth are involved.  Obvioulsy the more awareness generated will allow the state to keep this disease in check.


numbnutz's picture

I'm very greatfull I live in

I'm very greatfull I live in a state where CWD isn't around yet. Even back when I lived in Minnesota we didn't have to worry about it and nobody even knew what it was. I think when it comes to youth hunts the season should be longer than 4 days. To me thats not very long and limits oppertuities for youths to harvest an animal. The youth seasons out here are very long and generous. For elk they start August 1 and run till the end of December. Thats four months for kids to harvest their elk. For deer they have almost 2 months to hunt in most areas. If states are serious about getting youths out in the field then they need to provide better oppertunities for them to hunt and have access. I hope the kids have fun and will be able to harvest the deer of their dreams. Good luck to all the young huntes.