Michigan DNR Eliminates Postcard Notification

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The Department of Natural Resources announced that hunters who are successful in the upcoming drawing for antlerless deer hunting licenses will no longer be notified by postcard.

"Drawing notification postcards are being eliminated as a cost-saving measure," said DNR Wildlife Division Chief Russ Mason. "This will save more than $40,000 per year in postage and printing costs and allow staff time to be reallocated to other projects."

During this transition period, applicants for fall's turkey hunting licenses and managed waterfowl area reserved hunts will still receive postcards because the change in notification was not announced prior to the closure of the application period. However, applicants for all limited-access hunting opportunities beginning in 2010 will not.

Applicants for antlerless deer licenses and other limited-access hunting opportunities may check to see if they were selected for a hunt at www.michigan.gov/dnrdrawings.