Michigan DNR Announces That Surplus Salmon Now Available to the Public

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The public is once again invited to purchase surplus salmon that has been harvested at Department of Natural Resources weirs around the state.

The DNR maintains multiple sites where fisheries biologists and technicians collect eggs and milt from Chinook and Coho salmon for use in the hatcheries. Fish in prime physical condition are made available to the public by American-Canadian Fisheries (ACF), a private vendor which assists the DNR with the salmon harvest.

After the DNR's egg needs are met, ACF harvests the salmon for the human and pet-food markets as well as excess eggs for the bait market. ACF pays the DNR a flat per-pound rate for the salmon and eggs collected. ACF makes suitable-quality fish available wholesale to distributors who market the fish.

"We work closely with ACF to maintain a professional approach to dealing with the returning salmon and to ensure that the harvest is done in the most environmentally-friendly way," said Ed Eisch, DNR manager of fish production for the northern Lower Peninsula. "The number of fish returning to our rivers is so large that the DNR needs the assistance of private partners like ACF to help in this area of fishery management."

The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) recommends that you use caution when eating certain kinds and sizes of fish from Michigan waters. For current advisories, consult the Michigan Family Fish Consumption Guide, available on the internet at www.michigan.gov/eatsafefish, or contact MDCH at 800-648-6942.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. For more information, go to www.michigan.gov/dnr.

Michigan Retailers Selling Salmon Harvested at DNR Weirs

Andy's Tackle Box
14573 Coates Hwy.
Brethren, MI 49619

Hank and Sons
16441 Coates Hwy.
Brethren, MI 49619

R & J Resort
3070 Keith Road
Brethren, MI 49619

Lixie's Fish Market
2699 Lixie Beach
East Tawas, MI 48060

Au Sable River Store
680 W. River Road
Oscoda, MI 48750

Wellman's Bait & Tackle
410 S. State St. #309
Oscoda, MI 48750

Pappy's Bait & Tackle
17092 Caberfae Hwy.
Wellston, MI 49689

The Stout Trout Smokehouse
17356 Caberfae Hwy.
Wellston, MI 49689

Tippy Dam Campground
17974 Old House Road
Wellston, MI 49689


Retired2hunt's picture

  This is a great program for


This is a great program for those who love the taste of Salmon but may not have the time or means to do any salmon fishing.  There is sometimes a line of people waiting to secure their allowance of salmon but it is well worth it.

We have the same program on the western side of Colorado.  It usually runs over a 6 week period of time.  A great way of adding salmon to your dinner table.

Great job Michigan!