Men Charged in Hubbardton Deer Poaching Case

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Two men have been charged in a deer-poaching incident in Hubbardton by Vermont State Game Warden Robert Sterling.

On November 22nd Warden Sterling arrested Ronald M. Bourn, 22, of Fair Haven and Ceejay T. Bales, 22, of Rutland for taking and transporting an antlerless deer during the November rifle deer season.

Bales allegedly shot the deer on Black Pond Road in Hubbardton during the night of November 21. Bales and Bourn then allegedly returned to the area where the deer was shot in the morning of November 22 and transported the deer to Fair Haven where they were apprehended by Warden Sterling.

Bales was charged with "taking a deer in closed season," and Bourn was charged with "transporting a deer taken in closed season." Both charges carry a possible penalty of a $500.00 fine and up to $1000.00 in restitution to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. Upon conviction of the offenses each charge carries a three-year suspension of the violator's rights to hunt fish and trap in Vermont. Bourn also was charged with possession of a loaded rifle in a motor vehicle while on the right of way of a public highway.