Meeting Focuses on Deer-Hunting Dog Rules

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will host a public meeting in Marianna to discuss changes to a proposal to resolve conflicts between hunters who use deer dogs and nearby landowners.

The meeting will take place 7-9 p.m. (CDT) June 29 at the Chipola College Arts Center.

“After several public meetings and hearing comments and questions from the public, the FWC determined that piloting a dog-hunting permit requirement in just three counties would be confusing to the public, difficult to explain and would not provide an adequate test of the permitting system. Also, FWC staff decided three counties simply would not provide enough feedback to determine whether the system would work. Piloting this permit system in the Northwest Region would address these concerns,” said Cory Morea, an FWC wildlife biologist. “We’re holding this meeting to make sure everyone who is interested has a chance to study the proposal and provide input.”

The FWC previously conducted public meetings on the issue May 26 in Lake City and May 27 in Marianna.

FWC commissioners also will consider public input at the July 14 Commission meeting in Tallahassee and discuss whether to go forward with the pilot project throughout the 16-county Northwest Region.

Anyone requiring special accommodation to participate in the Marianna or Tallahassee meetings because of a disability can arrange assistance by contacting Cindy Hoffman at (850) 488-9542 at least five calendar days prior to the meeting.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions about this issue are available at