Massachusetts Releases 2010 Black Bear Harvest Numbers

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During the 2010 fall bear seasons, licensed hunters took a total of 144 black bears. During the 17-day September season 114 bears were taken, and 30 were taken during the 18-day November season. The breakdown of figures by county is as follows: 57 bears taken in Berkshire County, 42 in Franklin, 16 in Hampden, 26 in Hampshire, and 3 in Worcester County. The largest field-dressed bear to be checked in weighed 387 pounds and was taken in Becket with a bow.

Bear hunters are reminded that their 2011 bear permit application and $5 application fee are due by July 16, 2011. Online license holders must apply and pay for their bear permit application by using the new MassFishHunt system at

Hunters who purchase licenses from a license vendor will find their permit application on their hunting or sporting licenses. The application and fee must be mailed or dropped off at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters in Westborough.

More information about black bears.


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That number seems to be a

That number seems to be a little low, but like you guys say its a small state will a lot of people. i havent look at our harvest numbers for 2010, maybe i should do that, i know a lot of hunters here will have a tag but wont activly persue bears rather they will shoot one if they see one hunting deer or elk.

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short season

Thats a short season and a lot of massachussetts is crowded with people, so I am not surprised by the numbers.  I wonder how many hunters were actually acticvely hunting for those bears though.

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Yeah, kinda like Vermont. 

Yeah, kinda like Vermont.  Many, many of the bears are actually shot by deer hunters that happen to have a bear walk by their stand.

The majority of the bear were

The majority of the bear were taken during the sept season though while there are no other big big game seasons going on. So those were all take by people specifically hunting for bear.

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Ha.  I would think a state

Ha.  I would think a state the size of Massachussetts would take more than 144 bears, but I guess the numbers may not be up there with other states.

Then again, comparing it to 3,000 taken in California make it look like a small harvest! lol

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Then again, comparing it to

Then again, comparing it to 3,000 taken in California make it look like a small harvest!

Then again, comparing Massachusetts with California, it is a very small state.

California is the 3rd largest state with 163,600 square miles, and Massachusetts comes in at #44 with 10,555 square miles. That means that California is 15 1/2 times larger. If you multiply 144 bears by 15.5, you get 2,232. So California had a much larger bear kill than Massachusetts, but not very much more when you calculate the difference in size.

Actually, with all the people living in Massachusetts, I was surprised that they had that many bears!