Massachusetts Has New Regulations Regarding Coyotes

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At the July 31 Board Meeting, the Fisheries and Wildlife Board voted to promulgate the following new regulations relating to coyotes:

  • * Expand the season for coyote hunting season by approximately 5 weeks (including during the shotgun season for deer), beginning on the first Saturday after Columbus Day and ending the following March 8, all dates inclusive.
  • * Allow licensed Problem Animal Control (PAC) agents to control coyotes, provided such agents meet certain standards of certification and training.
  • * Clarifying the requirement that all furbearers taken during the hunting and trapping seasons or by PAC agents must be tagged.
  • * Clarifying shot sizes permitted for coyote hunting.

These regulations will take effect for the updcoming 2007 fall hunting season. More details will be posted in the next few days on the MassWildlife web page

For general information on coyotes, see the Living With Coyotes fact sheet at