Massachusetts DFW Releases Preliminary Deer Numbers

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Preliminary deer season figures for the 2007 archery, shotgun and muzzleloader seasons have been calculated. The initial figure for a statewide total is 11,132 deer. This includes the 7 deer taken during the special 3 day season for paraplegic hunters. The total harvest figure does not include the 149 deer taken during the controlled hunt at Quabbin Reservoir.

A breakdown by season and district follows. There are still some check stations that have yet to report their information. A detailed breakdown will not be known until sometime in the spring of 2008. Final figures will be posted in the Hunting area of the website when available.

Archers bagged a statewide total of 3,223 deer. Of these, the stations in the Western district checked 373 deer, Valley District stations checked 485, Central District stations checked 695, the Northeast District stations checked 631 and the Southeast District stations checked 1,039.

During the shotgun season, a statewide total of 5,745 deer were taken. In the Western District 901 deer were checked, Conn. Valley District recorded 1,098, Central District checked 1,525, Northeast District checked 831 and the Southeast District checked 1,390 deer.

Muzzleloader enthusiasts took advantage of snowy conditions and harvested a total of 2,157 deer across the state. 358 deer were checked by Western District stations, 388 in the Conn. Valley, 555 in the Central District, 437 in the Northeast District and 419 in the Southeast District.