Massachusetts Bear and Deer Permit Apps Due July 16th

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Deer hunters, don't wait in line; apply on time! All deer hunters are reminded that in order to take antlerless deer during any deer hunting season, they must possess an antlerless deer permit. The July 16 application deadline is fast approaching. Applications postmarked after July 16 will not be accepted.

Antlerless deer permit applications are found on paper licenses bought over the counter. Due to a printing problem this year, the line next to the name was not printed on the paper application and hunters have not included their names on the application. The Division reminds hunters to be sure to print their name on the antlerless deer permit application. Hunters who apply through the mail should be sure to double check that ALL name and mailing information has been printed on their application prior to mailing. Internet license buyers need to access the MassOutdoors website and apply at

Only online license holders may apply for any permits through MassOutdoors. MassWildlife cautions deer hunters to refrain from assuming large quantities of over-the-counter permits will be available after permits are sent out.

The bear permit application deadline is also July 16. Bear permit applications are found on the duplicate license certificate of the over-the-counter license or on-line for MassOutdoors license buyers. A mass mailing of these permits will be sent out in August. Applicants are reminded again that only online license holders may apply through the website for a permit.


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