Maryland Hunting News

Firearm Deer Season Reopens Jan. 7–8 in Region B
Maryland’s Firearm Deer Season reopens for Jan. 7–8 in Deer Management Region B. The season is closed in Deer Management Region A (Allegany and Garrett counties). This Friday and Saturday deer season provides additional opportunities for landowners to manage deer through deer hunting. Hunters also use this opportunity to fill up the freezer with venison for the family dinner table.
Two-Week Firearm Deer Season Sets New Record
Maryland firearm deer hunters registered 43,455 deer during the two-week firearm season, a record preliminary harvest for the firearm season. Liberalized bag limits and overall favorable weather conditions in much of Maryland were likely factors that lead to an increase in deer taken in many areas of the new Deer Management Region B.
Late Muzzleloader Deer Season Opens December 18
Maryland’s estimated 60,000 muzzleloader deer hunters will return to Maryland’s winter woods and fields on December 18. This two-week segment of the muzzleloader deer season runs through Jan. 1.
Opening Day Preliminary Firearm Deer Harvest
Maryland firearm deer hunters bagged an estimated 17,944 deer on the opening weekend of the Maryland Firearm Deer Season. Taking advantage of the newly refined liberal bag limits and excellent weather, hunters successfully surpassed last year’s opening Saturday harvest by approximately 3,000 deer.
Fall Turkey Harvest Increase
Fall turkey hunters harvested 207 wild turkeys in the three western Maryland counties during the one-week hunting season from Oct. 30 to Nov. 6. This is a 26 percent climb from the 2003 harvest of 164 turkeys.
Firearms Deer Season Opens November 27
Firearm season provides an excellent opportunity for private landowners to manage deer populations through deer hunting. Fifty-five percent of all deer taken in Maryland are bagged during the firearm season and 88 percent of the total firearm harvest is taken on private lands.
Rodents Consuming Vital Chesapeake Bay Marshlands
A new economic evaluation of the effects of an escaped population of Nutria, -- an exotic South American rodent that is spreading across Chesapeake Bay marshes -- shows that the rat-like creatures could have an enormous cost in lost revenue to the State of Maryland, as well as a devastating ecological impact to the Chesapeake Bay.
DNR Announces Black Bear Hunt Harvest Numbers
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced the black bear hunt harvest totals this afternoon, a day after the state’s history-making first hunt since 1953. The hunt took place yesterday starting one-half hour before sunrise in Garrett and Allegany Counties. No hunting violations were cited, and no hunting accidents occurred.
CWD not Found in White-Tailed Deer Samples
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wildlife and Heritage Service announced today that a recent survey of deer harvested in 2003-04 show no sign of chronic wasting disease. A total of 542 white-tailed deer were tested in the survey.
Crossbow Deer Hunting Opens October 1
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources reminded hunters today that the deer hunting with crossbows is legal during Maryland’s Archery Season from Oct. 1-15 and Jan. 15-31. All crossbow hunters must possess a resident or nonresident hunting license and a resident or nonresident Bow Stamp.