Maryland DNR Scheduling Shooter Qualifications for Managed Deer Hunts

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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announces the schedule for the 2011-2012 shooter qualifications, which includes over 50 sessions at 15 locations throughout the State. These events allow hunters to take the shooting proficiency test that is required before participating in many of the managed deer hunts held in Maryland.

"The standardized shooting program provides hunters a one-stop certification opportunity for many of the managed deer hunts on local, State and federal lands across Maryland," said DNR's Assistant Deer Project Leader, George Timko. "The system allows a hunter to satisfy the shooting proficiency requirements by qualifying one time, at a single location, each year."

Many of the organizations that host these events charge a minimal fee to cover expenses. DNR will continue to update the online Maryland Shooter Qualification Sessions Calendar as additional events are scheduled. For a complete list of events and more information, visit


arrowflipper's picture

A great big

A great big "atta-boy" to Maryland! A state with a monster overpopulation of deer taking the buck by the horns, so to speak, and doing something constructive. Way ta go Maryland.

Even before this action, Maryland has one of the most generous bag limits I've seen. At least where my son lives, he can shoot as many does as he wants and two bucks per year. And the season lasts an eternity. Oh, to have hunting like that!

But at least they are being proactive and trying to control the problem in such a manner that people benefit. I really struggle with professional hunters being paid to kill deer and then having them go to waste and not be eaten. I heard recently that game departments no longer give game animals to charity due to liability issues. It seems as though someone sued over some bad meat. Go figure.

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I love how Maryland is

I love how Maryland is handling the deer over-population issue.  In a time when many states and municipalities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on sharp shooters and professional hunters, Maryland is letting the average, every day hunter take care of the problem.

The benefite are two-fold.  First, instead of spending all of that money, they will instead bring in revenue by conducting the proficiency classes and selling the permits.  Second, they will provide hundreds of hunters with natural, organic meat.  There is nothing healthier.

Kudos to Maryland for taking a common sense approach to the situation.