Maryland DNR Announces Early Deer Season and Fall Turkey Harvest Results

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Maryland deer hunters wrapped up the early portions of the bow and muzzleloader seasons by harvesting an estimated 24,324 deer during September and October, down 4 percent from last year’s harvest of 25,324 deer for the same period.

The antlered harvest decreased 4 percent from 9,079 deer to 8,753 deer, while the antlerless harvest also decreased 4 percent from 16,245 to 15,571 deer. Included in the totals were 532 antlered and 337 antlerless sika deer. The two month harvest total was comprised of 7,813 deer taken with vertical bows, 3,732 taken with crossbows and 12,600 harvested with muzzleloaders. An additional 179 deer were reported during managed firearm hunts.

“Our fall turkey hunters prevailed despite a very snowy opening day in many areas,” said Pete Jayne, DNR’s Associate Director for Game Management. “Some areas received over a foot of snow for the first day of the season but a warming trend resulted in better conditions later during the week long season.”

Turkey hunters reported harvesting 167 wild turkeys during the one week fall season that ended on November 5. The harvest is similar to the 171 turkeys taken in 2010 and to the average harvest over the last 10 years. Fall turkey hunting is only permitted in the three westernmost counties. Allegany County reported the highest harvest (72), followed by Garrett (64) and Washington (31).


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I just read the Minnesota

I just read the Minnesota report with the nineteen percent decrease but I don't think this compares at all. Four percent is not enough to really draw attention unless the trend were to continue for a much longer period of time. It's intersting what Retired pointed out about the Sika deer harvest going up as that's really a unique little deer and one I wouldn't mmind going after in the future. I wasn't sure they had enough of them to make a trip worthwhile but I will have to watch and see. If that trend continues I may have to look at them a lot harder.

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  Looking at the numbers it


Looking at the numbers it appears that this early bow and muzzlelaoder harvest is lower compared to last year and other years past.  2008 had a 25,655 total deer harvest for the same season.  However, this is still way above 2007 harvest numbers for the same season.  Conditions and weather could have played some role in the 4% decrease over last year.  However, the Sika Deer numbers are way up compated to three years ago.  I don't think the Maryland resident deer hunters need to start panicking just yet.  Let's see how the final numbers shake out at the end of the entire deer season.