Maryland Black Bear Hunt Closed

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Oakland, Md. (October 27, 2011) - The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) closed the 2011 black bear hunting season at 9 p.m. today with hunters reporting 65 bears to mandatory check stations in Western Maryland. DNR opened the season Monday, October 24 in Garrett and Allegany counties.

“Maryland’s black bear hunters enjoyed another safe and successful hunting season,” said Harry Spiker, Game Mammal Section Leader for DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Service. “The cool, mild weather during the first two days kept hunters in the woods and helped DNR meet its management goal in four days.”

The average live weight of the bears taken this year was 154 pounds. Colton Lucas, 12, of Kitzmiller, Md., took the largest bear of the season, a 376 pound male.

The hunt by the numbers:

  • 65 bears taken
  • 59 from Garrett County, 6 from Allegany County
  • 154 lbs. average weight
  • 69% of the bears were taken on private land
  • 533 hunters participated in the hunt and 3,915 hunters applied for a permit
  • 55% of the successful hunters were residents of Garrett and Allegany counties

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  I have been following this


I have been following this Maryland Black Bear hunt through the multiple articles that BGH has been publishing.  They had a great opening day on Monday with almost half of the bears of the quota harvested.  I expected that the season would end rather quickly because of that.  It actually only closed two days early.  However, that would stink if you had a planned Friday or Saturday hunt. 

The quota for the year was 55 to 80 bear as compared to the 65 to 80 last year.  The harvest of 65 bears is also very comparative to the past two years of 67 and 68 bears respectively.  The two counties of harvest are very lop sided.  From what I have read on their DNR web site only 4 counties have ever been involved.  There were approximately 65 more hunters this year who tried for the draw compared to last year.  So I would presume that the Maryland DNR is happy with the overall results based on a state bear populations estimated to be over 600 bears.

Congrats to Colton a 12 year old who took the largest bear of the season - Great Job Colton!

Congrats to the 65 hunters who were able to harvest their Maryland Black Bear this year!



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Wow! that was a short season.

Wow! that was a short season. Congrats to all the hunter who were able to harvest a bear. When reading stories like the one in PA where they take some whopping bears upward of 800lbs to see the average bear hhere was 154lbs. It just amazes me the difference in the bears accross the country. Goes to show what a good food suplie will do for a bear population. The draw odds in Maryland are a bit steep so to even pull a tag is pretty tough feat in itself. Looks like a good 95% of the bears taken were from that one county. I still think the Maryland bear recovery has been an amazing sucess story. Keep up the good work and again congrats to lucky few hunters.