Manitoba Hunting News

Manitoba Hunting Season Underway
Hunting season is underway for several species in many areas of the province and will continue through the fall and winter.
Manitoba to Introduce Charge for Non-Resident Hunters
To maintain wildlife management and enforcement programs, the province announced a new $100 charge to outfitters licensed under the Resource Tourism Operators Act for each permit they sell to non-resident big game hunters.
Boreal Woodland Caribou Listed as Threatened
Manitoba’s woodland caribou populations are being listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act to strengthen steps already taken by the province to protect herds, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers announced today as part of Environment Week activities.
Province Launches New Bear Smart Campaign
A new education and awareness initiative called Bear Smart will help the public to stay safe and keep black bears in nature and out of harm’s way, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers announced today.
Predator Removal Program to Reduce Livestock Losses
Manitoba has finalized an agreement with the Manitoba Trappers Association to implement a problem predator program to reduce livestock losses, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers announced today.
Provincial Strategy will Help Protect Woodland Caribou
Protecting at-risk boreal working to recover their habitats is the focus of a strategy document released today by Conservation Minister Stan Struthers.
2005-06 Trapping Guide Released
The 2005-06 Manitoba Trapping Guide is now available, providing trappers with information on the current seasons and regulation changes for the coming year, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers announced today.
Bovine Tuberculosis Surveillance Program Has Exceeded its Goal for 2004
Manitoba Conservation has announced the Bovine Tuberculosis Surveillance Program has exceeded its goal for 2004. The Bovine TB program has received double the number of hunter-harvested deer samples needed this year from the Riding Mountain area and met target numbers from the Duck Mountain area.
Permit Required to Import Canadian Hunter-Harvested Game Meat
Hunters can immediately begin bringing wild ruminant meat products intended for their personal use into the United States, but will need a “Veterinary Services Special Permit for the Importation of Hunter-Harvested Wild Ruminant Meat,” along with one of the following: a valid Canadian export certificate for game meat, or a copy of a valid hunting license or a valid hunting tag.
Penned Hunting Banned
Conservation Minister Oscar Lathlin officially banned penned hunting in Manitoba with a January 3rd proclamation of the Wildlife Amendment Act. "The government will no longer permit any new penned hunting operations in Manitoba," said Lathlin. "Officials are working with current operators and owners on the elimination of penned hunting in the province."