Mandatory Harvest Reports

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With golf there is a scorecard, basketball has stats and with hunting there is the mandatory harvest report.

"This data we are requiring sportsmen to send in is a critical for us to manage Idaho's big game herds," said Randy Smith, Fish and Game Regional Wildlife Manager. "Harvest information combined with our aerial survey data helps us to determine the appropriated number of permits to authorize next year with out degrading the current population."

In areas were harvest was low and herds are larger than the habitat can support, biologist can then change season dates, methods of hunting or number of tags to increase harvest.

"It is one of the most useful pieces of information we gather each year before we have the big game public meetings in February," said Smith. "If we have all the information to present to the sportsmen they can then make informed decision on how they would like us to meet the regions management goals."

To help sportsmen report the information in a timely manor the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has created several methods to simplify the process.

On the Internet, sportsmen can log on to on the Fish and Game web site. Reports can also be filed by mail to Hunter Harvest Reports, PO Box 70007, Boise, ID 83707-0107; by phone at 1-877-268-9365; or by fax at 775-423-0799.

All deer, elk and antelope hunters must complete and submit a report for each tag issued within 10 days of harvest or within 10 days of the close of the season for which their tag was valid.

Hunters who do not report will not be able to purchase a license the following year until the report is filed. A new license may be purchased only after the report has been filed.