Mandatory Harvest Reports

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Every sportsman who hunts deer, elk and antelope in Idaho must fill out a mandatory harvest report. It's not only the law, but provides critical information for wildlife managers. Hunters' harvest reports are the backbone to analyzing how many people went hunting, where they hunted and how many were successful. Wildlife biologists rely on this information to manage big game populations and help set hunting seasons for the next year.

This is the third year for the mandatory harvest report. Unfortunately wildlife managers are finding fewer sportsmen are sending in their reports. Hunters are supposed to fill out the harvest report within 10 days of harvesting an animal or within 10 days of the end of the deer, elk or antelope hunting season. In the first year of the program, 92% of the hunters returned their reports on time. In the second year only 80% filed their reports. This year is showing an additional decline.

When one out of five hunters don't report their hunting experience on time, it leaves a large gap in the information managers need to manage the state's wildlife and to know if sportsmen are participating in the hunts being offered.

If hunters have lost their harvest report, they can do it now in a number of ways. They can get an new one from any license vendor. They can file their report using the department's website or call a toll free number (877-268-9365) to give their report over the phone.


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I'm not sure how many states

I'm not sure how many states require a harvest report but I can see how useful it would be if everyone did it like they are supposed to. I know here in Colorado there is no such requirement so I always wondered how they come up with the harvest statistics every year. I recently read where in Alaska for some hunts it is required whether you kill an animal or not and you will recieve a fine if you do not provide the required information. In some states it is required to bring the animal in to be checked after the kill. I guess there should be an in between here somewhere to get the necessary data for the game departments to use.