Mandatory CWD Testing

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The Colorado Wildlife Commission has adopted an emergency regulation requiring that hunters submit the heads of deer and elk they kill in the area of northeastern Colorado where chronic wasting disease (CWD) is endemic and in game management unit 38 for testing. The Division will pay for the testing of those animals. Testing in the endemic area has been voluntary in recent years.

"We're asking that this be mandatory to assure we have as large a sample size as possible to determine the prevalence of the disease, and to make it clear where the Division will pay for testing," said Kathi Green, the Division's regulations manager.

The Division is developing a system that will allow for hunters in other portions of Colorado, where the disease is not established, to have the heads of deer and elk tested for about $25. That testing, to be conducted in cooperation with Colorado State University's diagnostic laboratory, will be voluntary. Green said details of the sampling locations and fees would be announced by mid-August.