Maine Hunting News

15,600 Turkey Permits Drawn
15,600 hunters were awarded turkey permits in a random chance drawing on February 10th at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) headquarters in Augusta. There were 24,040 hunters who applied for the 15,600 permits.
IFW Opposes Bear Referendum
The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife vigorously opposes the referendum to ban Maine's traditional bear hunting methods of baiting, hunting with dogs, and by trapping.
Sting Cracks Major Wildlife Poaching Ring
A major wildlife poaching ring operating near the Maine/New Hampshire border was cracked by a sting on December 15, following a two-year covert investigation by Maine Fish and Wildlife. Ten search warrants were executed in western Maine and two in New Hampshire.
Governor Speaks Out Against Looming Anti-Hunting Ballot Issue
During a recent speech before a crowd of Maine sportsmen, Gov. Baldacci urged voters to oppose a referendum proposal to ban bear hunting with bait, dogs or traps in Maine. He said Maine citizens should trust the wildlife biologists who maintain that hunting over bait is needed to manage the state's bear population.
Moose Permits Increased for 2004
At their December 4 meeting held in Augusta, the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Council approved a proposal that increased the number of moose permits to 2,895 for the 2004 season, an increase of 310 from the past season.
Deer Kill Expected To Be In 30,000 Range
Preliminary deer harvest data collected throughout the state suggests that this year's deer kill will be in the vicinity of 30,000, down 16% from an expected kill of 35,800, and down over 20% from last year's remarkable kill of 38,153 deer, which was the highest total since 1968.
80% Moose Hunter Success Rate
The preliminary numbers are in from this fall's moose hunt, and this year, 2,075 hunters were successful in their quest for a moose. The department issued 2,593 permits, and the preliminary success rate for hunters in 2003 is 80%.
Firearm Deer Season Begins November 1st
As deer hunters ready for opening day, hunters will find the most deer in the southern and central areas of the state, but some of the biggest deer in Western, Northern and Eastern Maine. The regular firearm season for deer opens on Saturday, November 1 for residents, and Monday, November 3 for nonresidents.
IFW Proposes Increased Moose Permits
The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is proposing a rule that would increase the number of moose permits available to hunters for the 2004 hunting season. The proposal would increase the number of permits issued by 550 in Wildlife Management Districts 3, 6, and 11 in Eastern Aroostook County.
Hunters can Swap or Transfer any Deer or Bonus Permits
Deer hunters who have received an Any Deer or Bonus Permit can transfer or swap their permit online at