Maine Free Fishing Weekend - June 4-5

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The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's annual spring Family Free Fishing Days are coming up on June 4-5.

This free fishing event is open to any person except those whose license has been revoked or suspended. All fishing regulations on gear, bait, and bag and size limits apply. For a complete list of fishing regulations, including limits and sizes, visit and click on "fishing."

"One of my fondest memories is when I was three and my grandparents took me fishing for the first time," said Commissioner Chandler Woodcock. "That experience began my life-long appreciation for Maine's outdoors. What stories of fishing together will you and your child share when they’re older? Why not go make those memories during Family Free Fishing Days?"

Family Free Fishing Days are NOT this weekend, May 28-29. The incorrect dates are printed in the Ice and Open Water Fishing Law Book. Please check MDIF&W's website,, for more information.

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Maine, drawing thousands upon thousands of residents and out-of-state visitors to the state’s nearly 6,000 lakes and ponds and almost 32,000 miles of rivers and streams.

Approximately 286,000 people annually purchase fishing licenses in Maine, and the sport has a $300 million impact on the state's economy.

This weekend is the last of two free fishing weekends offered this year.

Want to continue the fishing experience throughout the year? Fishing licenses are available for purchase on MDIF&W's Web site,, at any of the more than 800 MOSES licensing agents statewide, or at town offices and other locations. They also are available at our main office at 284 State St., Augusta.


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It looks like Maine and

It looks like Maine and Colorado have a little in common as it will also be free fishing for the weekend here on those dates as well. A lot of people do actually take advantage of this program and in many cases gets them started on the path to becoming a regular all season fisherman. I try every year to get some of my co workers or friends of the family out on this weekend as they are always asking questions about the fish I catch but are unwilling to put down the money for a license before givingit a try to see if they like it. At least half of the people I have taken out now buy a license every year and have developed a love for the outdoors that they would never have learned any other way.

Thank you to all the states that make this event possible.