Lynx Hunting News

Canada Lynx Documented in Northern New Hampshire

Fish and Game biologists have confirmed the presence of four Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) in northern New Hampshire. The fact that the lynx appeared to be kittens is evidence that the wild cats are breeding in N.H., an expansion of the population across the border in Maine.

In November and December 2011, four lynx were seen and photographed in two locations in Pittsburg, N.H., on two different dates. It is unknown whether the four individuals were the same on the two occasions, but it seems likely based on the close proximity of the sightings.

10 Lynx Kittens Found This Year in Colorado
The Colorado Division of Wildlife announced that 10 lynx kittens have been found so far during the annual spring lynx survey. The kittens--seven female and three male--were the first documented since 2006.
Colorado Lynx Dies in Iowa
A wanderlust lynx, originally released in Colorado as part of a restoration project, died earlier this week in Union County near Creston.
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Confirm Canada Lynx Finding
A Canada lynx is now roaming the wilds of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.
Maine Taken Off Critical Habitat List for Lynx
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced yesterday that they have revised their proposed Critical Habitat designation for lynx, removing all lands in Maine from the designation.
Fresh Tracks Indicate Rare Canada Lynx
Professional trackers have identified the tracks of an endangered Canada lynx in Jefferson, N.H. The trackers made the discovery while working on a New Hampshire Audubon project studying the behavior of wildlife crossing US Route 2 in Jefferson and Randolph.
Lynx Released into San Juan Mountains
In their slow and unique style, six Canada lynx peered warily from their metal containment boxes, slowly set their paws on the snow and then dashed across a meadow to their new home in the San Juan Mountains.
Status of Canada lynx Reintroduction Program
On April 9, the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) plans to release six Canada lynx - three females and three males - in the San Juan Mountains near Creede. The release will mark the fifth year that the DOW has released the cats.
DOW Confirms More Lynx Kittens
Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) trackers have confirmed there were at least six more lynx kittens born in Colorado last spring than initially thought, bringing the 2004 known total to 36.
Canada Lynx Trapped in Emery County
On Nov. 5, the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW), in partnership with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), trapped a Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) south of the town of Emery in Emery County, Utah.