Lion Captured in Sabino Canyon

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Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists captured a mountain lion in Sabino Canyon using a snare that was set near a recent deer kill.

The capture site in a wash in Sabino Canyon was approximately a half-mile northeast of Esperero Canyon Middle School and about one-quarter mile away from a residential home.

The 80-pound female mountain lion, which is 2 to 3 years old, was sedated and immediately transported to the Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Scottsdale.

The cougar was in good condition. Wildlife biologists are confident that this is the same mountain lion that had been sighted at the nearby school.

Efforts to capture the lion began on Wednesday, April 7 after a U.S. Forest Service employee discovered the fresh lion-killed deer near the school.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department will continue to monitor and investigate all reported sightings of lion in the Sabino Canyon area.

A high resolution photograph of the captured mountain lion is available for download at the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Web site at: Sabino Canyon Mountain Lion