Leftover Moose Tags Available June 15

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Sportsmen wanting to hunt moose this fall will have a second chance to draw one of the 64 permits left up for grabs, 12 for bulls.

New this year, hunters are able to apply for leftover permit. Everyone is eligible to apply; once-in-a-lifetime rules do not apply. However, hunters that do receive a permit will not be allowed to apply again for the first drawing, but can apply again for left over permits.

In the past, leftover and unclaimed controlled hunt permits have been sold first-come, first-served. In order to make sure everyone has equal opportunity, the Fish and Game Commission voted in January to have two drawings for trophy species.

Any permits leftover after the second drawing will be sold first-come, first-served. Nonresident quotas and waiting period restrictions do not apply in the second drawing or leftover sales.

The application period for the second drawing will go from June 15 - 25. Luck sportsmen will be notified by July 10. Hunt applicants must pay the entire permit fee when applying. All but the $6.50 application fee will be refunded to those who do not draw. The resident application, including permit fee, costs $164.50; nonresidents pay $1,514.50. Fees are the same as last year.

Hunters may apply at Fish and Game offices or license vendors and can apply using a credit card by telephone or over the Internet. Telephone applications may be made at 1-800-554-8685; Internet users can apply through Fish and Game's website at http://fishandgame.idaho.gov Left over permits, include:

Hunt 3039, Unit 16A-2, one permit
Hunt 3040, Unit 17-1, two permits
Hunt 3041, Unit 17-2, two permits
Hunt 3042, Unit 17-3, two permits
Hunt 3043, Unit 17-4, one permit
Hunt 3044, Unit 17-5, one permit
Hunt 3049, Unit 20-2, two permits
Hunt 3053, Unit 20A-2, one permit

Hunt 3102, Unit 60A, 15 permits
Hunt 3104, Unit 61-2, three permits
Hunt 3105, Unit 61-3, one permit
Hunt 3106, Unit 62, three permits
Hunt 3108, Unit 63, three permits
Hunt 3109, Unit 63A, two permit
Hunt 3111, Unit 66-1, two permits
Hunt 3112, Unit 66-2, one permit
Hunt 3114, Unit 67-1, two permits
Hunt 3115, Unit 67-2, one permit
Hunt 3116, Unit 69-1, four permits
Hunt 3118, Unit 69-3, two permits
Hunt 3120, Unit 71-2, three permits
Hunt 3121, Unit 75, three permits
Hunt 3123, Unit 76-2, seven permits