Lead Ammo Protection Passes U.S. House with Strong Bipartisan Support

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On May 18 the U.S. House passed H.R. 4310 or the National Defense Authorization Act. While the act contained important language regarding the future of defense funding for the United States of America, it also had attached to it a rider amendment sponsored by Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) which would remove the EPA’s ability to apply the Toxic Substances Control Act to lead ammunition.

Now that the bill has passed the House it will be sent to the Senate to for a vote. This will mark the second time in as many months that the House has sent a bill that would protect the use of lead ammunition to the Senate. The first, which was defeated in April, was called referred as the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act.

The Sportsmen’s Heritage Act passed the house with solid bipartisan support and a vote of 274 to 146, but fell short in the Senate.

The current bill is enjoying even stronger support; H.R. 4310 passed 299-120.

H.R. 4310 would not protect the use of lead fishing tackle.

photo: Mozart Henriques