Landowners in Indiana Can Partner with Hunters to Control Deer

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Landowners experiencing deer damage to crops, forest regeneration or landscaping can get help from hunters in protecting their property through the DNR’s Hunters Helping Farmers program.

In order to minimize such damage, the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife recommends that such landowners start a hunting program during the regular deer hunting seasons, which are quickly approaching. Archery season has already begun, and firearms season begins Nov. 12.

Each district DNR wildlife biologist maintains a list, by county, of deer hunters who want to participate in the program. Landowners having difficulty finding hunters may contact their district’s biologist for a copy. Contact information for district biologists is at

A helpful Hunting Permission Form for landowners to use is available at by scrolling to General Hunting Regulations and clicking on “Trespassing” at the bottom of the page.

More information on managing deer is available at


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  I too like this type of


I too like this type of program very much.  It is a win-win program that allows the hunter access to additional property for hunting and it also corrects or at least decreases a problem for the landowner.  And the hunter has greater odds of filling their tag as their is definite recent presence of animals in these situations. 

This program also works well in states that have a deer tag system that is set up to allow the hunter to hunt with their tag statewide and not constricted to a unit.  While this program offers a list of hunters by county You can provide your name to any county you wish to possibly be used to hunt.

A great program.  However, one unethical or sloppy hunter will ruin the program. 


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I like these programs that

I like these programs that pair up willing hunters with landowners who need to have some deer taken off their property.  I believe I saw that Nebraska has a similar program, when I was looking at moving there.  You can call and put your name on a list, and if a landowner wants to let people on, they can pull some names from the list.

That's a very nice opportunity for both hunters and landowners in Indiana!  As long as landowners use the program for what it is, and don't start trying to charge these guys outrageous sums for hunting privelages, it should work.  Very cool!