Landowner Deer Management Program Deadline Jan.31

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Landowners wishing to be considered for a pilot Landowner Deer Management Program (LDMP) that will guarantee them a specific number of LDMP deer permits each year for the next three years have until Jan. 31 to apply.

Applicants need a minimum of 3,000 contiguous acres in eastern deer management units or 10,000 contiguous acres in western Kansas. The landowner's application will detail the number of permits allowed for the property each year, and the landowner will then detail how many of those permits will go to their clients and how many will be allowed in a general resident drawing.

Five landowners will be selected for the three-year pilot project. The landowner's deer management plan will list when and where hunters may hunt and other particulars to their property. The complete natural resource management plan may include various programs that are beneficial to natural resources. Benefits for the landowner from this program include an assurance that they will have LDMP deer permits for their clients each year.

Some lucky resident deer hunters will be the guest of the landowner and have an opportunity to hunt on highly managed deer habitat on private property. These are properties seldom open to resident hunters and generally open to only a select number of the landowner's clients willing to pay premium prices for an opportunity to hunt the best of Kansas. Some special restrictions may be placed on deer hunters by the landowner.

A $100 nonrefundable application fee is required. Applications will be ranked on the value each proposal has for the people and the natural resources of Kansas. Applications are available at Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) regional offices, the Pratt Operations Office, the Emporia Research Office, or here at the KDWP website.

Resident deer hunters should check the deer permit application booklet, available in May, for a list of the properties enrolled in this program. Resident deer hunters must apply before July 15, 2005, to be included in the drawing to hunt on one of these areas.