Landowner Coupons Due February 2nd

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Ranchers and farmers are alerted the Feb. 2 deadline to redeem landowner coupons from the past hunting season is fast approaching. The coupons and corresponding affidavit must be submitted to the local game warden or Game and Fish office by that date.

Wyoming landowners receive $11 for each antelope, deer and elk harvested on their land. The coupons are included on each license. The program was established in 1934 by the G&F Commission to at least partially compensate private landowners for forage consumed by big game on their property. In 1939 the program was passed into law.

The G&F will begin processing payments shortly after Feb. 2.

Last year the G&F paid $392,337 to 2,293 Wyoming farmers and ranchers for landowner coupons, an increase of $67 over 2002.

Officially the deadline is Feb 1 but since that date falls on a weekend, the G&F is accepting coupons through the next business day.