Kentucky DFW Quota Hunts App Deadline Sept. 30th

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Hunters have just a few more days to apply for deer, pheasant, quail and waterfowl quota hunts managed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. The application deadline is September 30.

Most hunts take place on department Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). Complete details about the hunts, including dates and hunter requirements, are available in the Quota Hunt section of the 2009-10 Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide. Waterfowl quota hunt dates are available online at

Hunters must call toll-free 1-877-598-2401 to apply for all types of quota hunts. It costs $3 per hunter to apply for each species, although waterfowl hunt applicants are charged $3 per area if they wish to apply for both the Ballard and Sloughs WMA hunts.

Hunters who apply but are not selected will receive a preference point for use in the following year's quota hunt drawing. These points increase the hunter's chances of being drawn. Hunters must continue to apply each year to keep building preference points.

Quota hunt applicants will notice a few changes to this year's hunts. Three new mobility-impaired quota deer hunts are offered at Taylorsville Lake WMA, while the November hunts on this area are now for antlerless deer only. Fewer hunters will be drawn for the Beaver Creek WMA deer hunt to lessen crowding issues. Hunters at Clay WMA will be awarded one preference point for each female deer they harvest. Quota deer hunts are no longer offered at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park or Taylorsville Lake State Park. Rabbit quota hunts on Peabody WMA are no longer offered, while quail quota hunts are expanded to a larger portion of this WMA.

Computers at Kentucky Fish and Wildlife select hunters from the applicant pool based on preference points. The computer first picks applicants who have the greatest number of points, then continues selecting applicants with a decreasing number of points until all spots are filled. Some hunts are so popular that it may take hunters several years to be drawn. Other hunts, usually those offered in more rural areas or near other public land, do not draw as many applicants and hunters can expect to be drawn every couple of years or so.

Hunters may apply as groups. If one person in the group is selected, all group members are selected. If one or more people in the group have a high number of preference points, it increases the chances of the entire group being selected.

Applicants will lose their accumulated preference points if they do not apply every year. Once an applicant is drawn for a quota hunt, that person loses any accumulated preference points.

Applicants can check online after Oct. 9 to see if they are drawn. Results will also be available by calling Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at 1-800-858-1549 after Oct. 12.