Kentucky Hunting News

Restored Kentucky Elk Populations Being Shared with Other States

Now that Kentucky’s elk population has been successfully restored, the state is unafraid to share its “natural” wealth. While Wisconsin is still rewriting its elk management plan and hoping to receive elk from Kentucky soon, elk restoration is already underway in southwestern Virginia with support from Kentucky.

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Get Your Spinning Reel Back In Shape Quickly

A group of old friends of mine gets together every spring for a fishing trip in March or April, usually to Kentucky Lake. After our first day of fishing on our recent trip, one of the friends asked for help with a balky spinning reel.

The handle was "loosey-goosey," along with a floppy rotor that holds the reel bail assembly. He considered retiring this reel for a new one, but a few minutes of work made the reel sing like new.

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Don't Feed Bears

When black bears emerge from their dens in eastern Kentucky, they have food and companionship on their minds.

"They haven't eaten in three to four months," said Steven Dobey, bear biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources."After a couple of weeks they really work up an appetite."

Bears prefer natural foods but in April and May those foods are few and far between. Bears feed on greenery and insects such as grubs until berries begin to ripen later in the summer.

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Perfect Timing For Turkey Season

Kentucky's spring wild turkey season has been so successful the past 15 years in part because of the timing of opening day.

"I think we've accomplished our goal of having a productive season in a relatively short time frame," said Steven Dobey, wild turkey program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "We've hit that window between the onset of breeding and nesting."

New Wildlife Management Area in Union County, Kentucky to Open for Spring Turkey Season

Hunters have a new area in western Kentucky to pursue wild turkeys this spring.

The 2,500-acre Big Rivers Wildlife Management Area and State Forest in Union County opened to the public today. This unique wildlife management area (WMA) and state forest is located at the Tradewater River's confluence with the Ohio River near Sturgis.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources jointly manages this new area with the Kentucky Division of Forestry.

Special Kentucky Fish And Wildlife Commission Meeting To Discuss Bear Season Modifications

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission will hold a special meeting at 1 p.m. (Eastern time) March 19 to consider modifications to the state’s bear season. This is the only item on the agenda.

Kentucky Conservation Officer's Own Loss Motivates His Assistance To Tornado Victims

Patrick Younts knows what it's like to be left homeless by a disaster. So when the 5-year conservation officer for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources learned of houses leveled by a tornado in West Liberty last Friday, he spearheaded a personal campaign to provide desperately needed supplies to the victims.

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: 2011-2012 Deer Season Ends With Fourth Largest Overall Harvest

Kentucky's 2011-12 white-tailed deer season ended Jan. 16 with hunters posting the fourth largest overall harvest ever recorded.

"The 119,656 deer taken was the highest total since the 2008-2009 season," said Tina Brunjes, deer program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "Good hunting weather may have been a contributing factor to the excellent harvest during the last two months of the season."

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Trapping Is The Most Effective Way To Control Wild Pigs

In Kentucky, wild pigs may be hunted with firearms year-round with no daily bag limit, but wildlife biologists believe trapping is the most effective way to control the feral pests.

"In established populations, hunting often educates more pigs than it removes," said Chad Soard, a wildlife biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "Research has shown that relying too heavily on hunting will not control pigs and may hasten their spread."

Hunters Find Sandhills Challenging During Kentucky's Inaugural Crane Season

Larry Dreamis Hill failed in his quest to take a bird during Kentucky's inaugural sandhill crane hunting season – but says it wasn't for lack of effort.

"These birds were extremely challenging and seemed to change their patterns a little every day. I really enjoyed the challenge and look forward to future seasons of pursuing this bird. I remember when the first sandhill cranes showed up in Cecilia (in Hardin County) years ago – now I have the opportunity to hunt them. It's very exciting," said Hill, Cecilia's retired fire chief.