Kansas Hunting News

Kansas Antlerless Deer Seasons Open

The regular Kansas firearm and archery deer seasons  are over, but deer hunters can still look forward to hunting one or more of three January whitetail antlerless-only seasons. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) will conduct an extended firearm whitetail antlerless season Jan. 1-9 (open statewide); a special extended firearm whitetail antlerless season Jan. 10-Jan. 16 (open in Units 7, 8, and 15 only); and an archery extended whitetail antlerless season Jan. 10-31 (in Unit 19 only).

Kansas DWP Confirms Mountain Lion in Nemaha County

On Dec. 16, a Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks biologist was contacted by a Kansas landowner about trail camera photographs of a mountain lion reportedly taken in Nemaha County on Dec. 7. Two biologists investigated the site the next day and were able to verify the legitimacy of the photographs, making this the fifth confirmed Kansas mountain lion sighting in modern times.

The landowner wishes himself and the location to remain anonymous in this case, and the photographs not released. KDWP is respecting those wishes.

Kansas Late Season Hunts Available

Many Kansas hunters look forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays as an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy some of the best hunting of the season. Early January antlerless deer seasons are especially popular for hunters who have not filled a permit or who want to put more deer in the freezer. Unfilled permits purchased in the fall of 2010 are valid for these seasons, but all hunters should remember that a 2011 Kansas hunting license is also required once the new year begins.

Kansas Firearm Season Opens Today - Dec. 1st

The 2010 Kansas firearm deer season runs Wednesday, Dec. 1, through Sunday, Dec. 12, and hunters are sighting in their rifles and practicing their shooting skills in anticipation of one of the state's favorite hunting seasons. Deer are plentiful, and a good season is expected.

Kansas Archer Catches Cat on Camera

In late October, an archery deer hunter caught an unexpected creature on a trail camera he had set near his Republican County deer stand. The motion-activated camera, set to take pictures of whatever moved in front of his stand at night, snapped a shot of a mountain lion walking away from the camera. Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) biologists were sent a copy of the photo and believed it to be a lion.

Kansas WPC Approves Turkey Permit Increase in Unit 4

At the public hearing portion of the October 14 meeting in Goodland, Kansas Wildlife and Parks commissioners approved a variety of proposed regulation changes.

Commissioners voted to approve a proposal to increase the number of spring turkey permits in Unit 4 to 500. Unit 4, which is the southwest corner of the state, is the only unit with limited permits. Three hundred twenty-five permits were authorized in 2009, and biologists feel the turkey population can sustain a higher harvest.

Fall Turkey Hunts in Kansas

The wild turkey was prominent at the first Thanksgiving dinner, when pilgrims and American Indians gathered in peace to give thanks for the bounty of the North American wilderness. Today, wild turkey populations in most of Kansas have been growing for years, offering hunters the opportunity to pursue them in fall, and add this celebrated game bird to the holiday feast.

Kansas Now Has Online Deer Registration

This fall, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) rolls out a new option for transporting harvested deer that allows hunters to register their harvested deer through the internet, using photos taken at the harvest site. Once registered, the hunter may then transport the carcass without the head or evidence of sex being attached.

Kansas Offers Plenty of Hunting Opportunities in September

Most hunters recognize September as the month when Kansas hunting seasons begin, and dove season, which opens Sept. 1 each year, usually comes to mind. However, several other hunting opportunities unfold in the first autumnal month, including rail, snipe, teal, archery antelope, muzzleloader deer, muzzleloader and archery elk, and youth/disabled deer seasons.

Wisconsin Offers New Web Based Alerts on Wolf Activity

Administrators from the natural resource agencies in 13 Midwestern states and three Canadian provinces have signed a joint resolution urging the U.S. Department of the Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service to remove the gray wolf from the federal endangered species list.