Kansas DWPT Issues Free Permits and Licenses to National Guard Members and Disabled Veterans

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Too late for pheasant and quail season, but KDWPT offers refunds
Active members of the Kansas Army and Air National Guard who are Kansas residents may obtain free Kansas hunting and fishing licenses, as well as free state park entrance permits. For those wanting to hunt the opening day of pheasant and quail season — Nov. 12 — it’s too late to obtain one of these permits or licenses, but the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) offers refunds to those guardsmen who buy a license now and apply for the free one later.

To receive free National Guard licenses and permits, apply through the KDWPT Pratt Operations Office. Depending on the particular licenses and/or state park permits requested, applicants will be required to submit appropriate documentation.

For those who do not already have this year's permits or licenses, application forms can be downloaded from the KDWPT website at www.kdwpt.state.ks.us. Click "Other Services/Publications/Hunting," and then "Application 2011 KS National Guard Hunting, Fishing, and Park Vehicle Permit." The forms must be signed by the National Guard member’s unit commander and mailed to KDWPT with photocopies of appropriate documentation. Anyone who has already purchased a license or permit will automatically be reimbursed once their application is completed.

Free hunting and fishing licenses are also offered to all Kansas veterans who have been certified by a physician with at least a 30-percent service-related disability. Disabled veterans who enlisted as regular servicemen can apply for free hunting and fishing licenses (not applicable for park permits). These applications are also available at the above website.

These permits and licenses are paid for from the state general fund and are allocated by the Kansas State Legislature.

As with other KDWPT permits and licenses, 2011 National Guard and disabled veterans licenses expire Dec. 31, 2011. Licenses and permits for next year go on sale Dec. 15 and will be valid for the remainder of December and all the following year.


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 A big thank you to Kansas

 A big thank you to Kansas for becoming one of the states to do something special for our sevice members. It may be a small gesture but anything helps in showing appreciation. Hopefully more states take notice and add programs like this and hopefully even better ones in the future.

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  Another great offer from


Another great offer from the Kansas DWPT.  It is great that states provided extra offers and allowances for our veterans - present and past as well as those special programs for the disabled veterans.  Kudos to Kansas and their efforts to take care of the military men and women who have served or are serving this country.