Joint Checkpoint Conducted at Redington Pass, Arizona

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Arizona Game and Fish and the U.S Forest Service conducted a checkpoint effort at Redington Pass near Tucson on Oct. 22 to check compliance and provide information on laws pertaining to hunting, OHV and public lands recreation.

More than 170 recreationists, including 87 sport shooters, 50 OHV operators and 46 hunters, were screened at the checkpoint.

Hunters were asked for hunting licenses and for valid game tags, if applicable. OHVs were inspected for valid decals and tags. Flyers with information about licenses and tags were also distributed.

The following actions were taken during the checkpoint:

  • Three citations for littering (i.e., failure to remove spent shell casings from shooting site).
  • One citation for no helmet on an OHV rider under age 18. 
  • One citation for failure to display an OHV license plate.
  • One citation for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. 
  • Six warnings for failure to display OHV Decals on vehicles in transport by trailer.
  • Six warnings for failure to wear protective eyewear while operating an OHV.
  • Five taken deer checked for hunter license and game tag.
  • Four warnings for improper OHV registration.
  • One warning for riding double on an OHV.
  • One warning for failure to display an OHV license plate.

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hunter25's picture

I'm hearing more and more

I'm hearing more and more about check points being set up in different states. I have never come across one in all my travels but have no problem with them if I ever do. It looks like the majority of the citations and warnings all have to do with the ohv use and licensing. I didn't think there was that much to it but I don't even own one myself. I didn't know it was law for goggles and such but it really is a good idea.

Retired2hunt's picture

  About an 7% rate of


About an 7% rate of infraction found.  Not good but not bad.  Five taken deer checked is nothing found as there is no additional information of anything that was illegal.

Glad to read of what was found and hopefully these people correct it moving forward... however I doubt the marijuana possession will change.