Iowa Hunting News

Otter, Bobcat Quotas Filling Quickly in Iowa

After 10 days in to the furbearer season, Iowa furharvesters have reported 372 otters and 114 bobcats as of Nov. 15.
Furharvesters must call a conservation officer or designated DNR employee within 24 hours of capturing an otter or harvesting a bobcat.

Iowa's Inaugural Dove Season Closed Nov. 9

Iowa’s inaugural dove hunting season has ended.  More than 22,000 hunters registered that they planned to hunt doves in during the 70-day long season that closed on Nov. 9. 

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will conduct a survey from that group of hunters to determine participation and harvest estimates.

Iowa Furbearer Season Begins Nov. 5

Iowa’s furbearer seasons open statewide on Nov. 5 and for the 14,000 dedicated furharvesters, the outlook is good.

“We are expecting a good season because our wildlife surveys confirm larger populations of most furbearing animals, the crop harvest and tillage is well ahead of schedule which concentrates furbearers in the remaining areas of good habitat, and the weather forecast looks favorable,” said Vince Evelsizer, furbearer/wetlands biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  

Iowa DNR: Tips to Avoid Problems Getting a Deer License

Shotgun deer season is just around the corner, meaning the DNR is bracing for a spike in phone calls from frustrated hunters wondering why they can’t buy a landowner tenant license or they can’t find their hunter education card but they took the class. 

As a service to the hunters, the DNR has compiled a list of common themes to help hunters avoid problems leading up to the first shotgun deer season.

Iowa Hunters: Be Aware of Out of State Deer Transportation Requirements

Deer seasons are underway in Iowa and across the Midwest. As the activity builds, hunters should be aware of transportation requirements, to avoid the potential spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

Charges Filed After Trumpeter Swan Shot in Worth County, Iowa

Joshua Ray Sheckleton, 29, of rural Manly, was charged with unlawful take of a protected non-game species after shooting a trumpeter swan on Saturday, Sept. 24th.

Invasive Carp Species Found in Clay County Lake, Iowa

Contract commercial anglers hired by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to remove rough fish recently collected several invasive carp from Elk Lake in Clay County.

Ralph Mahn, a commercial fisherman from Harpers Ferry, reported catching bighead carp and silver carp in a recent seine haul at the lake where common carp and buffalo were being removed.

Iowa DNR Confirms Mountain Lion Photo from Clinton County

An image captured on a trail camera in Clinton County during the past week has been confirmed as a mountain lion by wildlife biologists from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

“We want the public to know that we have a confirmed photo of a mountain lion, but we don’t want to alarm the public,” said Vince Evelsizer, a DNR wildlife biologist.

“When it comes to mountain lions, Iowa tends to be a place to pass through, but not to stay. It is very likely this animal will keep moving, if it’s even still in the area, and will keep to itself,” Evelsizer said.

Iowa's Archery Deer Hunting Season Begins October 1

One of Iowa’s most popular hunting seasons begins October 1 when the archery deer hunting season opens.

“We had over 57,000 bowhunters last year and I expect we will have a similar number this year,” said Tom Litchfield, state deer biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  “Our herd is in good shape statewide, but hunters can expect to see fewer deer in most areas of the state.”

Sign Up for Hunter Education Soon, Classes Filling Quickly in Iowa

Iowa’s 2011 hunter education classes are filling quickly and with few classes remaining attendees are encouraged to sign up before there is a waiting list.