Iowa Hunting News

Deer CWD Tests Are Negative
Samples taken the past three months from wild whitetail deer in Iowa have shown no signs of chronic wasting disease, a fatal disease affecting primarily deer and elk that has been found in several states and two Canadian provinces.
Non-Resident Any Deer Applications Available
Nonresident Any-Deer hunting license applications are available though Sunday, June 2, from the Electronic Licensing System for Iowa telephone ordering system. Applicants must call 1-800-367-1188 to apply for a license. A nonresident Any-Deer license costs $220.50, the small game hunting license is $80.50 and the habitat fee is $8.50. A nonrefundable application fee based on a percentage of the total cost of the license(s) will be added to all telephone orders. The Any-Deer license applications are available until June 2. Any remaining licenses will go on sale June 29 until the quota is filled, the final day of the season for which the license is valid, or Dec. 14, which ever comes first.
Teens Confess to Deer Poaching
Two Clarke County men pleaded guilty on Nov. 8, to using a rifle to kill four buck deer, removing the heads and leaving the remains in the field in Lucas and Clarke counties.
Reporting Deer Harvest not Mandatory
Deer and turkey hunters are reminded they are not required to report their harvest to a license vendor as stated under Reporting Instructions on the back of their tag. Since they are not required to report their harvest, hunters will not receive a verification tag or be subject to the $145 fine for failing to report their deer or turkey harvest.
Mountain Lions/Bears Invade
According to DNR wildlife biologists, the reports of black bears, bobcats, wolves and even mountain lions, have increased dramatically during the past several years. Although reminiscent of the 1800s pioneer era, the sightings of such fearsome predators in Iowa is not an aberration, but merely reflects what is already occurring in bordering states.
Hunting and Fishing License Fees Increased
The Iowa Legislature passed a bill (HF 720) to increase hunting and fishing license fees and sent it to Governor Tom Vilsack for consideration. The bill primarily increases fees for people living outside of Iowa, but it also includes provisions that will make it a little more costly for Iowans to hunt and fish in this state. Licenses to hunt and fish in Iowa have cost the same since 1992.