Iowa Hunting News

Mountain Lions in Iowa
Sometimes, it's a shadowy form at dusk. Perhaps a quick glimpse through the brush. Over the last few years, wildlife biologist Ron Andrews has logged more than 200 reports from people who believe they saw a mountain lion in Iowa.
DNR Reminds Deer Hunters of 2004 License Requirement
Hunters planning to participate in the special late January deer season will need to purchase a 2004 general hunting license in addition to their deer permit. The special season is Jan. 11 to 19. 2003 hunting and fishing licenses expire on Jan. 10.
Hunters Urged To Harvest More Does
Even with deer permit sales shattering the record, the DNR is still encouraging hunters to shoot more does to reduce next year's deer population.
Shotgun Deer Season Opener
Great weather. Good deer numbers. First season shotgun hunters took advantage of those two factors, putting together a pretty decent opening weekend.
Shotgun Deer Season Preview
Hunting for a trophy buck, or just filling your freezer? You can do both this deer season, and still go back for more. "Our surveys indicate populations are probably about 20 percent higher than we would like," notes Department of Natural Resources deer biologist Willy Suchy. "With the extra tags, a hunter can shoot a doe right off the bat and then hunt selectively for a buck. It gives hunters the chance to manage their harvest."
20,000 Antlerless Only Deer Permits Remain
Deer hunters planning for the two shotgun seasons are encouraged to purchase an antlerless only permit along with their any deer tag. Permits remain in the high deer population areas of southern and northeast Iowa.
Deer Hunters Pitching In
Iowa deer hunters are responding well this hunting season to shooting more deer and giving their extra deer to the needy, but a little more is being asked of them.
Research Project Focuses on Bobcats
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Iowa State University have joined together in a three year research project to learn more about bobcat populations and where the animals are located in an eight county area in south central Iowa.
Deer Hunters Asked: Reduce Deer Herd, Feed Needy
Iowa deer hunters are being asked to pull double duty this hunting season. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is asking them to shoot more deer, does in particular, to reduce the deer population.
Deer Hunting Opportunities Increase
Deer hunters this fall and winter will be able to purchase more licenses, and have an extra season for hunting in most of the state. Licenses for the fall/winter deer seasons and fall turkey season are now on sale.