Iowa Deer Season Closes Sat. Jan. 10th

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The Iowa late muzzleloader deer season comes to an end on Saturday, Jan. 10 and with it the final any deer season available to hunters. Beginning Sunday, Jan. 11, hunters in select counties where antlerless deer licenses are available may hunt antlerless deer with a shotgun, muzzleloader, bow or handgun through Jan. 25.

In the southern two tiers of Iowa counties, hunters may use center-fire rifles, in addition to the other legal methods of take.

Hunters participating in this January late antlerless season are reminded that they will need to purchase a new hunting license and pay the habitat fee for 2009, if they are normally required to do so in order to hunt. The 2008 licenses expire on Saturday, Jan. 10.

About 27,000 January antlerless-only season licenses were used in 2008.