Iowa Bobcat Season Closed Monday

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The bobcat quota has filled and the season is closed as of 11 a.m., Nov. 28. There is a grace period for trappers to report any animals to a conservation officer and receive their proper tags.  The grace period officially ends at midnight Nov. 29. 

The grace period only applies to trappers to allow time to move their traps from areas likely frequented by bobcats.  Hunters are not allowed a grace period. 

Bobcats trapped after the grace period must be turned over to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


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Interesting that they would

Interesting that they would hav a quota on Bobcats in Iowa.  Usually, furbearing or small game animals won't have a quota, but maybe there is a limited number of them in the wild out there.  Bobcats are one of those elusive critters though.  You hear about them, some other people see them, or get them on trail camera, but you just might not see them yourself.  Plus, they are not nearly as popular as a deer or anything.  With deer, or elk, etc., you can do counts and surveys, but I can't think that would be too easy with the bobcats.

Glad to see that the hunters and trappers there had succes.  I have only seen 2 in the wild, both in the same hunting season 2 years ago, but wouldn't kill them.  That being said, as long as it's legal, more power to them!  They make some great pelts for sure!

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  Excellent news for the


Excellent news for the furbearer trappers/hunters of Iowa.  The Bobcat season opened on November 5th and after 24 days the hunters/trappers were able to fill the quota of 350 Bobcats.  It is great to see another animal properly managed through a strict program that allows a controlled population to exist in conjunction with a hunting season.  Congrats to the Iowa DNR and the Bobcat hunters/trappers.


Bobcat management in Iowa

From a landowner perspective in Van buren County, Iowa, the bobcat are not managed properly. There has been a reduction of turkey population by 75% in my area. Yes, there have been four years of wet springs reducing the reproduction of turkey. However, the drastic increase in bobcats has had a significant impact on the population. The DNR says they have identified only one instance of finding turkey remains in a bobcat (in their fall survey). Maybe they should survey in the spring during the turkey nesting period. Most of the data released by the DNR is at least 4-5 years old. Since that time the bobcat population has increased dramatically. The quota is too restrictive and by the time the DNR reacts, the number of turkey licenses sold in Iowa will fall by another 50%. 

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It's good to see that they

It's good to see that they had a successful and fairly quick season in Iowa. I think we just read about this a week or so ago and now it's already over. Like I said then I was surprised at how many of them they have there and were allowed to take.