Illinois Hunting News

Supreme Court Hears McDonald vs City of Chicago Case
Tuesday's Supreme Court oral arguments in the case of Otis McDonald, et. al, versus the City of Chicago were not a Heller rematch.
Illinois Muzzleloader Deer Numbers Released
Hunters participating in the 2009 Illinois Muzzleloader Deer Hunt harvested a preliminary total of 4,697 deer during the season conducted on Dec. 11-13. The harvest compares with the 4,310 deer taken by hunters during the 2008 muzzleloader season.
West Virginia Joins Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact
Game law violators in West Virginia could face additional consequences for their actions under an interstate agreement recognizing suspension of hunting, fishing and trapping licenses in other states.
Illinois Deer Hunters Still Have Chance to Hunt
Deer hunters in Illinois harvested a preliminary total of 99,419 deer during the seven-day firearm deer hunting season on Nov. 20-22 and Dec. 3-6. The preliminary harvest total compares with 105,595 deer taken by hunters during the 2008 firearm season.
Evidence Shows MAIG Uses Names Without Permission
As a growing number of mayors in Ohio and around the country resign from Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun control group, new evidence suggests some of their names have been added to the member list and used to promote Bloomberg's political agenda without their knowledge or permission.
Seven Year Old Completes Turkey Grand Slam
At age seven, Adriana Armstrong may be the youngest girl to harvest the grand slam of turkeys. Her older sister, 11-year old Alli, also scored a grand slam in the spring of 2009.
Illinois Hunter Safety Programs Available Online
Hunters of all ages and all levels of experience are encouraged to focus on safety and to take a free Illinois Hunter Safety Education Course coordinated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR).
Opposition to New "Switchblade" Knife Regulations
The Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus has urged U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to withdraw the notice of proposed revocation of treatment relating to the admissibility of certain knives with spring assisted opening mechanisms by the Office of Customs and Border Patrol.
Illinois Deer Season Dates Set
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced deer hunting season dates and a series of regulations changes for the upcoming 2009-2010 seasons that were recommended by hunters, landowners, and other members of the state's Joint Deer Population Task Force.
New Illinois Governor Restores Natural Resources Funding
New Illinois Governor Pat Quinn began addressing the damage done to the state's natural resources under the Blagojevich administration.