Illinois Turkey Hunters Need to Use Caution

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Mushroom hunting allowed at state sites after 1 pm during turkey hunting season.

People of all ages will be afoot this spring in search of mushrooms. While morel hunting offers a relaxing outing for novice and veteran collectors alike, as well as a great tasting treat, collectors need to be aware of the rules regulating morel hunting on state sites.

"Two years ago we revised the rules to allow the collection of morels, nuts and berries on most public sites after turkey hunting hours. We have seen a very positive response to the change, but we want hunters to be aware of the regulations to avoid potentially dangerous situations," said Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Acting Director Sam Flood.

No license is required for mushroom collecting, although collectors always need landowner permission and, on public sites, to adhere to approved collecting regulations/hours:

Collection of mushrooms is allowed in state parks and recreations areas, but is prohibited in any area designated as a dedicated Nature Preserve. Areas under the jurisdiction of IDNR that offer Spring Turkey Hunting will not be open for mushroom hunting until after 1 p.m. daily, to insure the safety of all of hunters. Turkey Hunting area restrictions apply through May 10th in the southern turkey hunting zones, and through May 17th in the northern zone.

Morel hunters are urged to call ahead to ensure a site isn’t closed due to ongoing hunting.