Illinois Trapper Education Program Now Online

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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is offering a new online course for those interested in learning to trap. Those required to complete a course before purchasing a trapping license now have two choices: a traditional full-day course, or completion of half of the requirement online and half in the classroom, where participants learn hands-on skills such as setting traps and preparing pelts for sale. The courses are free.

IDNR encourages all trappers, regardless of age, to take a course. First-time trappers under 18 must complete a course and pass a written exam before they are allowed to purchase a trapping license. Those under 16 must also have written permission from a parent or guardian before purchasing a license.

The Illinois Trapper Education Online at covers topics such as trapping equipment, laws and ethics through online film clips, reading materials, quizzes, photos, and illustrations. At the end of the online course, students must successfully complete the final exam online and download a printable document of completion.

Students must present the document when attending the four-hour training session with instructors. To locate an instructor-taught course, visit or call 1-800-832-2599.