Identity Theft Used to Buy Hunting Licenses

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Identity theft entered the realm of hunting licenses before being ferreted out by the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department.

This June, the Sheridan County Detention Center processed who they thought was Robert C. Rammon for battery. But fingerprinting and other identification information revealed the man was actually Leslie Charles Rammon, using the name of his deceased brother.

After adding false swearing and identification to the battery charge, the sheriff’s department alerted the Game and Fish Department that Rammon, 58, had purchased hunting licenses with the false identity.

Game Warden Terry Cram and Wildlife Investigator Scott Adell discovered Rammon used his brother’s name to buy small game/game bird licenses in 2001 and 2002 in Ten Sleep.

When released from Sheridan County Detention Center Sept. 17, Rammon was escorted to Washakie County Circuit Court in Worland where he pleaded guilty to two counts of false statement to obtain resident hunting licenses.

On Sept. 18, Judge Robert Skar sentenced Rammon to 20 days in jail, fined him $500 and suspended his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for six years.

Judge Skar asked Rammon why he used his brother’s name to purchase licenses.

“Because I am a convicted felon, I am not allowed to have a gun and I needed a gun to hunt with.” Rammon replied.

“Cooperation between law enforcement agencies is a key, along with concerned citizens and outdoor enthusiasts, reporting violations, suspicious activity and possible violations,” Adell said. “These reports can stop poachers and those taking advantage of the resources we strive to protect and safeguard for the true sportsmen and sportswoman.”

Rammon was arrested and convicted of battery while working for a Sheridan-area guest lodge. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail with 60 days suspended for battery and 90 days for false swearing and identification. The incarceration was served concurrently with Rammon spending a total of 90 days in jail on the combined charges.

Rammon has a checkered past. The Joliet , Ill. man was convicted of a felony in 1963 for aggravated assault and served in an Illinois correctional facility. In 1976 and 1978 he was arrested and convicted of shoplifting. Rammon was arrested and convicted in Wisconsin for felon in possession of a firearm in 1997.