Idaho Hunting News

Idaho F&G Seeks Info on Two Poached Moose Near Cataldo

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking information on the illegal taking of two bull moose on or about October 29, 2011.

The fresh carcasses of the animals were discovered in French Gulch near Frost Peak in the Cataldo area.

Fish and Game Seeks Help Solving Mule Deer Poaching Near Winchester, Idaho

The Idaho Department Fish and Game is asking for help in determining who shot and wasted a mule deer buck found along Sandhill Road near Winchester.

The entire deer was left to waste, with only the head and antlers removed. Authorities say the large-bodied deer was shot the night of October 22.

"Judging by the size of the carcass, the deer likely sported a large set of antlers," said Senior Conservation Officer Jim Pagel of Nezperce. "Several other deer have been found wasted in the same area this fall, so we really need people to make the call."

Lessons Learned From Ruffed Grouse Research in Idaho

Idaho is rich with a variety of game birds, but one that has taken the backseat in popularity to quail, chukars and pheasants is the ruffed grouse, relegated to "camp meat" by some big game hunters.

Yet a growing number of us realize and appreciate the challenges of hunting "ruffies." Unfortunately, little is known about Idaho's ruffed grouse, so during the past few years, Fish and Game biologists have been studying a population on the Boise National Forest north of Ola near Sage Hen Reservoir, an area known to hunters as Game Management Unit 32A.

Salvage Order Issued for Jensen Grove, Idaho

The Southeast Region ofice of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been notified by the cty of Blackfoot that water will no longer enter the pond at Jensen Grove Park during the last week of October.

Fish in Jensen Grove's pond will not survive when water levels become unsuitable.

Therefore, Fish and Game is issuing a salvage order for the Jensen Grove Park pond from October 15 through January 1, 2012. All bag, possession, size and number limits will be lifted during that time.

Idaho Big Game Hunters: Keep Predators in Mind

As big game hunters take to the woods, they are reminded that they are not alone at the top of the food chain.

Each year, Idaho Fish and Game receives reports of wolves being attracted to hunters as they call elk, wolves visiting hunting camps and large predators eating carcasses that were not properly hung.

Hunting increases the chance of running into or attracting wolves and other carnivores.

Hunters, Anglers Must Stop at Fish and Game Check Stations in Idaho

With the opening of the general deer season, Idaho Fish and Game enforcement officers will be setting up check stations across the state at major access points to hunting units with open seasons.

All hunters and anglers are required to stop at check stations, whether they have any game animals or fish in the vehicle or not. They must stop if going to their hunting or fishing spot or returning home from their hunting or fishing.

They must stop even if they were unsuccessful.

Some check stations are biological, some are enforcement, and some are both.

Idaho: Women Hunting and Fishing Photos Wanted

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is looking for your photos of Magic Valley women hunters and anglers for the 2012 sportsmen's calendar.

Cold Water Dangers to Hunters, Anglers in Idaho

Water does not have to be near freezing to kill, it only has to be colder than a person to cause potentially fatal hypothermia.

With the waterfowl seasons about to open, waterfowl hunters who hunt from boats are urged to wear life jackets and take necessary safety precautions when on the water.

Idaho Fires May Affect Hunter Access

Fires burning in Idaho's backcountry have raised concerns about public safety and hunter access.

In the interest of public safety the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management may close access to some areas as fires grow or new fires start. Those road closures may affect access to some hunting units.

But Idaho Fish and Game will not recommend closing hunts or altering season dates in response to fire restrictions. Most fires are not large enough to affect an entire hunt unit.

Idaho Fish and Game Commission Adopts Proposed Rule Changes

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission at a meeting August 24 adopted a proposed change to the Landowner Appreciation Program, changes to wildlife salvage rules and minor changes to a number of other rules.

Landowners in five game management units - 40, 41, 42, 45 and 52 - who meet the conditions of the Landowner Appreciation Program, have been eligible for an allocation of additional tags equal to 25 percent of the number of controlled hunt tags to be issued for deer, elk and pronghorn hunts in those units.

The standard allocation is 10 percent.