Idaho Hunting News

Weiser Elk Moved
More than 170 elk formerly residing in the Weiser Cove area have been relocated to Hells Canyon. The trapping/relocation effort was initiated after other more traditional methods designed to significantly reduce the elk population in Weiser Cove failed. According to the Idaho Fish and Game, depredation hunts, kill permits, hazing techniques, and a five month hunting season did not lower the elk population to target levels. In one such round up effort over 50 elk were killed; trampled by other elk in their holding pen.
Strong Volunteer Effort For Fawn Survivability Study
Thanks to the help of about 30 local volunteers, IDFG was able to add another chapter to its ongoing study of fawn survivability in Idaho. Volunteers of all ages showed up near Marsh Creek in Unit 50 on Saturday, January 5th, to help Department personnel trap deer.
Mandatory Harvest Reports
Every sportsman who hunts deer, elk and antelope in Idaho must fill out a mandatory harvest report. It's not only the law, but provides critical information for wildlife managers. Hunters' harvest reports are the backbone to analyzing how many people went hunting, where they hunted and how many were successful. Wildlife biologists rely on this information to manage big game populations and help set hunting seasons for the next year.