Idaho Hunting News

It's Not Too Soon to Enter Idaho's Super Hunt

Last minute gift idea: get your favorite hunter a chance to win the hunt of a lifetime.

The first drawing is still several months away, but it's not too early to enter Idaho Fish and Game's Super Hunt.

The Super Hunt is a fund-raising drawing for 40 big game tags. The tags are handed out to winners in two drawings. Entries are drawn for elk, deer, and pronghorn and moose tags. Winners can participate in any open hunt in the state for deer, elk, pronghorn or moose. That includes general hunts and controlled hunts.

Idaho F&G Seeks Information on Elk Poaching East of Idaho Falls

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking help from the public regarding a poaching incident that occurred about three miles from the Kepps Crossing area east of Idaho Falls.

The incident involved a spike elk that was killed in the area of the Bulls Fork road about three miles from Kepps Crossing. The individuals involved killed four elk. Two cows, a calf and a spike. They recovered all the meat that was required, but the problem was that they killed a spike in a cow only hunt.

Results Online for Extra Hunts in Bennett Hills, Idaho

Drawing results are available on the Idaho Fish and Game website for two extra antlerless mule deer controlled hunts in the Bennett Hills.

Idaho Agencies to Radio-collar Bighorn Sheep in Hells Canyon

The Idaho, Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife agencies plan to capture 28 bighorn sheep in four Hells Canyon herds November 28 - 30 as part of the ongoing Hells Canyon Initiative to restore bighorn sheep populations.

The sheep will be captured by netgunning from a helicopter and brought to a processing site near the capture location. Biologists will take health samples, radio-collar the sheep and release them on site.

Down Under Poaching Suspects Sentenced in Idaho

What began as an Idaho big game hunting trip for three Australians ended abruptly Tuesday in Elmore County court where two of the men learned that hunting in most of the United States is no longer an option.

All three paid thousands of dollars in fines and restitution, while forfeiting two hunting rifles before the long plane trip back home.

Idaho Fish and Game Kills Bighorn Ram

Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologists Wednesday, November 9, killed a 4 1/2 year old bighorn ram that had wandered too close to domestic sheep on private property.

Healthy domestic sheep can carry bacteria that cause pneumonia and death in bighorn sheep.

The ram was first reported west of Castleford on November 8. When it was reported again on November 9, the ram was mingling with cattle in the pens of a dairy located within a few miles of several domestic sheep bands.

Extra Antlerless Deer Tags for Unit 45, Idaho

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be offering two extra antlerless deer controlled hunt opportunities during December in a portion of Unit 45 near the area of the Blair Fire. The hunts were approved 11-10-11 by the Fish and Game Commission.

The hunts have been established to reduce herd numbers prior to winter to help ease pressure on remaining habitat, minimize deer collisions on nearby roadways, and alleviate some depredations on private croplands.

Wolf Trapping Seasons Open this Month in Idaho

It is that time of year again when trappers and hound hunters will be out and about in the wilds of Idaho.

While trapping has long been part of the landscape in Idaho, Fish and Game reminds hound hunters, hunters with bird dogs, and people with pets that trappers have an increased interest to be in the woods because of the wolf trapping season.

Idaho Commission to Consider Extra Deer Hunts

Contrary to some reports, no extra controlled hunts have opened in the Bennett Hills - yet.

Idaho Fish and Game officials will recommend the Idaho Fish and Game Commission adopt two proposed controlled hunts to assist in reducing the mule deer population in response to wild fire damage this summer and reduce depredations on adjacent croplands and stored crops.

Black's Creek Reservoir in Idaho Drained by Vandals

Black's Creek Reservoir, located just southeast of Boise, is now little more than a series of shallow puddles thanks to the thoughtless acts of vandals.

In a normal water year - and with the end of irrigation season - the valve controlling water flow through Black's Creek Dam is closed, allowing the reservoir to refill and maintain a modest pool of water through the winter months. This allows for the survival of bass, bluegill, crappie and yellow perch populations, all of which are pursued by anglers in the summer and winter months.