Idaho: Women Hunting and Fishing Photos Wanted

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is looking for your photos of Magic Valley women hunters and anglers for the 2012 sportsmen's calendar.

This is the third year for the sportsmen's calendar. The calendar is a convenient way for sportsmen to keep track of season openers, application times, and local events of interest to sportsmen and women.

Ten tasteful photos will be selected for the calendar. To make the first cut, the photos need to be 4 mb or larger.

Send your photos by October 31, by email, to

For more information call 208-324-4359.


Retired2hunt's picture

  A great idea that Idaho has


A great idea that Idaho has come up with.  I am making the presumption that the calendars are sold thus bringing in another revenue stream for the state to have more funds for animal management.  This also has benefits as the tasteful pictures submitted may have some influence in more women getting involved in the sport.  And the third benefit is that the calendar offers quick and easy reference to seasons and special events for the avid hunter to understand most efficiently. 

Idaho does have some great ideas and actions... now they just need to eliminate the mandatory check in process for all hunters and anglers whether coming or going to their place of interest and even when no animal or fish has been harvested.


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Good thing they specified

Good thing they specified "tasteful photos", cause there are some fishing photos of ladies out there that I am sure wouldn't be accepted.... lol

That's a very cool idea for Idaho to do, to help with women in the outdoors.  Surely in that area they have to have a good number of female hunters and fisherwomen, but it never hurts to have more.