Idaho Fires May Affect Hunter Access

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Fires burning in Idaho's backcountry have raised concerns about public safety and hunter access.

In the interest of public safety the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management may close access to some areas as fires grow or new fires start. Those road closures may affect access to some hunting units.

But Idaho Fish and Game will not recommend closing hunts or altering season dates in response to fire restrictions. Most fires are not large enough to affect an entire hunt unit.

Hunters affected by a fire closure can adjust their schedule to hunt later in the season or exchange general tags to hunt in a different area. But tags must be exchanged before the season begins.

Hunters with controlled hunt tags affected by a fire closure may exchange them for general season tags before the controlled hunt begins. But controlled hunt fees would not be refunded.

Fish and Game will consider requests for rain checks or refunds in the event that access to a hunting unit is blocked by fire. Hunters requesting a rain check will be required to submit their tags and permits with a letter describing the conditions of their request.

Rain checks would be evaluated case-by-case at the end of the hunting season. Rain checks will be valid in 2012 and offered only for the same species and hunt area as the hunter held in 2011.

Written requests should be sent to the license section at Fish and Game, P.O. Box 25, Boise ID 83707 when the season is over.

Hunters and anglers, and anyone else heading into the backcountry, are advised to check with Forest Service ranger district offices or county sheriffs' offices before heading out. Fire updates can be found online at:


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I can see keeping folks out

I can see keeping folks out while the fire is burning but once it is out that should not be Big Brothers decision. However, because some knucklehead will go in and get hurt, they will want to sue for injuries so I see why they will close an area. Pretty sad people cannot be responsible for their own actions. As for the fires themselves, it is a good thing and gives new life to the forest. For too long humans suppressed forest fires which in turn has hurt the forest. If you look at the horrible beetle kill out west I think that has some to do with fire suppression too. I am glad to see Idaho is looking out for the hunter with the tag exchange and other programs.  

GooseHunter Jr's picture

So sad too see many fires

So sad too see many fires burning around the country these days.  It always sucks that these fires will efect our hunting areas, but as the years go by the hunting will probably get alot better after the regrowth comes back.