Idaho F&G Seeks Info on Two Poached Moose Near Cataldo

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking information on the illegal taking of two bull moose on or about October 29, 2011.

The fresh carcasses of the animals were discovered in French Gulch near Frost Peak in the Cataldo area.

Idaho Conservation Officers Mark Bowen and Josh Stanley located the two carcasses within 25 yards of each other. The perpetrator(s) of this crime took only the hind quarters of one moose. The remainder of the usable meat from this illegally taken moose was wasted. The entire second moose was left and wasted. Both were field dressed and the carcasses propped open as if the perpetrators were planning to return to retrieve more meat. No one returned to the carcasses.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the remainder of the hunting community would like to hold the individual(s) who did this responsible for their actions.

"This is a waste of valuable wildlife resources. Lots of hunters have applied in the moose tag lottery for years and have not drawn a tag," Bowen said. "Then, they hear about a case like this. Those hunters hoping for the opportunity to legally hunt moose; and, all Idaho residents for that matter have good reason to be outraged by this."

Anyone with information on this incident should contact Officer Mark Bowen at 208-660-4655; the Idaho Department of Fish and Game at 208-769-1414; or the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 208-632-5999.

Callers may remain anonymous and are eligible to receive a cash reward.


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  Yet another poaching


Yet another poaching incident - ARGH!!!  I just don't understand what goes through a person's mind that they feel that the illegal harvest of a precious wildlife resource is okay for them to kill.  And I cannot understand the wastefulness of it by not taking the meat.  In this case it appeared that the criminal(s) was/were scared off since they took the time to field dress both animals.  Maybe then somebody does have information and will come forward.  Hopefully. 

I really wonder if there is a correlation between unemployment numbers and foreclosures to the amount of poaching incidents?  Something I will try to investigate.

I do wish the officals of this state and all other states are able to find and prosecute more of their poachers as this would have some affect when publicized to possibly dissuade others from doing the same.