Idaho DFG Seeks Comments on Wolf Season

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The southeast regional office of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is planning an open house to gather public comments on "nonbiological" rules for big game hunting as well as proposals for the upcoming wolf hunting season.

The public is encouraged to stop by the Fish and Game office at 1345 Barton Road in Pocatello anytime between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on July 13 P.M. for the open house.

There is a difference between biological and nonbiological rules. Biological rules are those rules published annually in the hunting proclamations that include seasons, limits, size, sex and harvestable species. Nonbiological rules include all other rules adopted by the Fish and Game Commission.

Examples of nonbiological rules include methods of take, tagging requirements, evidence-of-sex requirements, and controlled hunt eligibility requirements.

Two nonbiological rules proposals to be discussed at the open house in Pocatello have to do with boundary designations for hunting units in the southeast region. Fish and Game proposes fixing the boundary description for Units 69 and 66A as there is an incorrect road mentioned in the proclamations.

Likewise, correction of the description for Unit 77's boundary is being proposed.

Other proposals related to nonbiological rules will be added to the list of discussion items for the open house as they become available and posted on Fish and Game's website within the coming weeks at

During the open house, proposals for the wolf hunting season will also be presented. These proposals are for biological rules associated with wolf hunting, and will include, in part, discussions of season structure, quotas, and method of take.

The comment period for both the nonbiological rules as well as the proposals for the wolf hunting season will conclude sometime in late July.

For information or to submit comments, contact Toby Boudreau, regional wildlife manager at Fish and Game's Southeast Region, at 208-232-4703 or via e-mail at